Comments of Doom


i had something all profound and mind-blowing to post here, something that would have taken your frail and fragile human egos and torn then asunder, devastating you emotionally and resulting in an utter lack of hope and the rise of despair the likes of which would… would… well, it’d be badness, all around… yeah, it would have been great… but i forgot to write it down on the car ride home today, plus those dang neighbors… ghosts… ghost neighbors, were having some kind of party involving these wheeled boards, and their pathetic little sold phones… bah… meanwhile, all my attempts to rid my current base of these paranormal scoff-laws and scally-wags has met with failure, not because of any traits i’m lacking, mind you, i mostly blame it on your human laws of nature and physics, which keep getting in the way of my progress!!!! bah!! curse you rydberg constant!!!!! curse you!!!!!! so now i have to bring in outside help. help who will come in when theres something strange, in the neighborhood. who am i going to call? i dunno… ghost space buster and his monkey tweep? that’s a guy, right?